I received the copy of the book last week but never really got around to reading it until the night before last. I finished it in two sittings because I found it hard to read it in full because of some flat parts and I’d find myself dozing off.

The book is a sequel to Jenny Han’s book, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. It follows the story of Lara Jean and Peter and their pretend-relationship. Until it wasn’t.

The plot is a typical teen love story in a high school setting where the shy invisible girl fell in love with the hottest and most popular athlete in school. I liked that the story didn’t really just revolve around their awkward romance but also the friendship and family ties that exists around them. And how it points out how society stereotypes between girls and boys. The first book ended with a hanging note and boy did I have a lot of questions I actually regret reading it before the second one comes. Fortunately, the author did great in answering all of my questions in this sequel.

But not without a taste of thrill, I tell you.

All the while I was reading this book, I was at edge of my seat, gnawing at my fingernails (yes, a disgusting habit of mine) for all the anxiety it gave me. Lara Jean was the typical girl with all her jealousies, insecurities and fickle-heart and I actually hated her for that at the beginning. But then, who doesn’t understand her? We all went through stages like that in our lives. Besides, at least she grew out of the Lara Jean we knew in To All the Boys..

My only problem with this book is the love-triangle. I don’t like love-triangles and I hate it most when the third party is a real challenge. True, it wasn’t as worse as I expected and everything turned out well in the end but still there are thing Lara Jean did with John I wished she had not.

Also there points in the story where I find it flat and boring and think the story would be just fine without them. Nonetheless, the story was refreshing and relieving in ways only non-teenagers can understand. (*wink)

I’d give the story four points if it weren’t for the ending which gave me more questions than the first book ever did. (Man, reading addicts like me can never be satisfied with endings. No matter how heart-melting, tear-jerking or a roller coaster of emotions it can give us, we always have to have questions.) So over-all, I’d give this story a 3 (or 3.5, if I really want to stretch it out) stars.


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