I’m sorry if you have found yourself a friend who has so many fears. Someone who locks her doors refusing to let anyone inside, who doesn’t know a thing about being an adventurer outside the pages of her books, and who’s too afraid to venture out of what everybody considers normal.

I understand if you want to leave me. I will lose one of the very few people I give my trust to and most probably it will hurt like hell but if staying friends with me will stunt your growth as a person, then I’d rather you leave and become a “somebody” out there. I’d rather you leave early before we become rotten to each other and our happy memories reduced to nothing but hurtful reminders of what we had before one of us started to change.

For all those times you spent with me, in both my worst and best, thank you. Thank you for staying for quite a while in my life. I will still consider you as an important person in my life, still miss you from time to time but now you will just be a part of my life that was.


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