Well, first-off, KUDOS to all those who fought for this bill. Congratulations to our brothers and sisters who can finally start a legal family of their own! I think everybody would agree if I say you guys deserved it.

So now that I’ve started this post on a positive note, here’s my real take on the bill. And I’m imploring you guys to please have an open mind and  try not to be too ruthless with your judgement about me.

I grew up in a family of Catholics but the issue on homosexuality was never brought up in our house. We even used to tease my brother for being gay. My mother has had a few acquaintances from the LGBT community and my father watches shows that has gay actors in it or even about influential gay people. It was only recently when we had those rare talks on the dining table that it was ever brought up and I was surprised to know my father was against them because of what it says in the bible.

I particularly had no problems with gay people but let me tell you that all my encounters with them weren’t really what you consider nice. I’m a very sensitive person and most of them are just really blunt to the point where my self-esteem is already questioned. I’m not saying all of them are, I have no right to generalize. I’m just saying that all I met are of those types. But I have always strongly believed on that gift of freewill God gave us so I just let them do their own thing. They have as much right as any person have because they are as normal as everyone else. Let’s just say I tolerate them the way I tolerate a child’s misbehavior. With an exasperated affection.

One thing I find hypocritical about them however is sometimes they’re the one who would bring up the issue on their sexuality. When they encounter some injustice and destructive criticisms they blame it on their being homosexuals not realizing that straight people are also at the receiving end of the same injustices and criticisms. They fight for their freedom of expression while scorning the straight people when they exercise the same right. They fight for their LGBT communities when they are allegedly persecuted in court not even considering that maybe they are at fault too. Not because of what they are but because of what they did.

Nonetheless, I celebrated with them when the news about approved bill broke out but was immediately disappointed when instead of being humbled and grateful they showed off how their love is greater than God, Himself. I am not a religious person and I rarely even practice my religion but I am a strong believer of God. I’m not exactly particular of what it says in the bible. I don’t believe they’re ever going to hell just because they love each other but there will be grave consequences when you look down on God and His people. You don’t have to mock the Christians for disagreeing with it and sticking to their faith. You don’t have to ridicule people for exercising the right you’ve always been fighting for. The freedom of expression. They are entitled to their own believes just as much as you are entitled to have your love legalized. You can marry all you want just don’t belittle God in the process. For all you know, He was the instrument of this historic event. He was the one who whispered to those in position that they have to sign that bill. And all He ever really need is an act of gratitude. A simple thank you would have sufficed.

The passing of that law wasn’t the only time that love has won. Love was won when a divorced parent finally won a custody of his/her child. Love won when a mother chooses to die for the baby to live during labor. Love won when soldiers are sent to battlefields to fight for everyone else’s security. Love has won when a brother gave his other kidney for his sister to live. Love won when differences are forgotten and people unite and cooperate to help victims of war, flood, earthquakes and other natural and man-made disasters. And the biggest victory that love has ever got was when a holy man suffered countless of beatings and was nailed to the cross, cleansing all of our sins in the process. Love wins everyday.


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