The first night you visited, you introduced yourself as a friend

For so long I have always been in love with the idea of being wanted

I didn’t know what special means til you showed it to me in full colors

I showed you the nightmares that make up my shadows

And you always seem to know how to vanish away my sorrows

By whispering the words I needed to hear, you made me feel like I existed

You never missed a visit, you were a drug and I got addicted

I began to be apprehensive, waiting for school to end so I can go home to your comfort

You embraced me with hands so cold, yet you always left a tingling warmth on my skin

And that was enough to get me through the night

You were the best friend I ever had, I became blinded to your sharp teeth and clawed fingers

Until you grabbed me by my throat and choked me

I told you I couldn’t breathe but you flung my words to thin air, I began to question your motives
You kept coming back, even on the nights when I felt direly tired
I started avoiding your visits by calling it a night too early but you saw that as leaving

So you brought a rope and tied me while I was sleeping

I didn’t know this part of you, you were always so gentle

I didn’t know violence runs through your veins and obssession pumps through your heart

I begged you to leave, that I couldn’t do this anymore

But you forced me to remember

And that was how I realized the nights of your visits were always the darkest

We started a battle, to see who can hold out the longest but you knew when I was weakest

I was terrified out of my wits because I wanted to LIVE

And you, you were so used to fighting to death you won’t care who gets burned in the process

It was then that I realized I wasn’t your only prisoner, in fact, we were many

But you’ve led me too far into the cave, left on the darkest corners, I became paralyzed with fear

I wasn’t taught to ask for help and you took that to your advantage

I was so sure I am losing, how do you escape from someone who is never consumed by fire?

But it rained, and it poured and you were caught off guard

I could never have guessed that you were terrified of storms and I have always loved hurricanes

Thunder drowned out the voices you deafened me with

The strong winds, oh, it blew away your little demons that clung on my back

And everybody knew forest fires, no matter how widespread, will always lose to a little rain

The moment the fire died out, it was only then that I was able to open my mouth and speak your name


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