He approached me with clouds in his eyes and secrets sliding down his sleeves, right into its folds
I’ve reminded myself countless times to never involve myself with someone who looks at stars the way I do
Like long lost forgotten childhood memories by people who grew up too fast
People like us comprise too much of closed doors and too-tall walls that reach the sky
But he was a waterfall and I’ve always been enchanted with anything freshwater

On the following days, we engrossed ourselves with talks about life, mine and his
I was surprised to find out he was also a prisoner of words stuck in the pages of a paperback
I didn’t realize it then but I had boarded a plane I had no ticket for and had absolutely no idea where it was going
But I stayed seated on my seat with my seatbelt unbuckled then there was a turbulence and he told me he’s ready to jump if I was willing

I thought I was, I really did, but I stopped, midway and stared at the vast ocean below.
I was reminded that I have always been afraid of heights
It had felt like I was standing on the edge of a cliff, I almost jumped but I waited too long
The fear started to creep their way into my legs, paralyzing me on the steep slope so I started to fall anyway
But it was the kind of fall I was not ready for so I started to flail as soon as I tasted saltwater

And when I looked up, he was there wearing a parachute and floating
I didn’t realize when he said jump, he really mean fly and I took it as falling
I shouted his name and waved my hand for his attention
But it was too late as the winds started changing direction
He landed on solid soil, leaving me drenched and salty
This is why I’ve always hated saltwater, it reminded me of tears, sticky sweat, and now, added up with little traces of him


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