Dearest Brain,

I just want to tell you that mornings are created for us to work together. Forcing me to stay open while you’re in there running on pure nothingness in the middle of the night when I badly need to rest is not the best example of us working together. 

If you are a night owl, then work through the dreams, not on repeating thoughts. You’ve given me more than my worth of eyebags because of your overthinking! Mind you, just because you do all the thinking doesn’t mean you’re the only one who gets tired. Just to remind you, I do all the looking and the seeing and that’s not some measly task you want to convince yourself to be. I mean, look at me, I can barely even the stars already. Now, where in the devil’s name are you going to find metaphors for you yet-to-be appreciated pieces of work. And by the way, nose has been complaining about being stuffy when the clock strikes three at dawn. Blaming me for bawling when it was you who let long forgotten memories escape through me in liquid form.

Look, I’m not complaining. This is me trying to be patient on the nights when you had to go astral project your way out of your overcrowdedness. Just, don’t bring us with you, okay. I’ve been hurting for three damn days now everytime the sun hits my irises just because you refuse to shut down like all the other normal brains do. 

This is me, explaining why I squint everytime Mouth tries to form herself into a curve of a smile because my eyelids have been strained for too much blinking and staring at all the blank walls and too dark ceilings. If I have been given a voice box (which Throat refuses to lend me, by the way, what a selfish brat, as if she’s been using them as much), I have long been screeching for all the sleepless nights you tortured me into.

Get your acts together, Brain. Just because you’re woking too much, doesn’t mean your being useful at all. 

Your sleep deprived frenemy,



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