I don’t understand how people can muster the guts to ruin other people’s lives. Yes, we are all born selfish. Yes, we live in world where we are taught to put ourselves first instead of others. But where do we draw the line?

We all have flaws. If you tell me that not once in your life did you ever did something you regret, I’d tell you to go to hell because fuck you for lying.

How many people should we hurt, how many families should we take apart, how many lives should we break before we can say that we’ve had our fill.

I am not so much into politics because just thinking about it gives me a headache but this is going way too far. You’ve brought the whole town to ruins, what more can you ask for? Don’t give me your political bullshit because I’ve grown up with them and trust me, I know every side of the story. Your ways and intentions are dirtier than the septic tank behind your house that you built with the people’s money. 

If people did something wrong, find evidence in the most legal and proper way because you have the responsibility to set an example to the people you are governing. I know they are not the most innocent, but they do not deserve all those hurtful sadistic words from people who have easily forgotten who helped them in times of trouble. I was not surprised to find out that you have stoop so low as to frame other people for the things you clearly did, but I’m disappointed just as well.

Fuck you for doing this to my family. Fuck you for ruining a reputation that took a lifetime to build. And fuck you for destroying a young boy’s chance to a normal life just because you can’t let go of the seat you have dirtied aeons ago.


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