Okay. Before I start anything else, I just want to tell everybody that I’m guilty of starting things I never get to finish. I love the anticipation and the thrill when you want to start something but the feeling just dies down after a few attempts and leaves me with a question, “Why am I even doing this?” So I stop and forget I started it in the first place.

But now that I made this blog, I want you to be my witness of coming around. I want to start something that would really last for the rest of my life. This is not a blog of any importance. I am a person full of randomness in my body so you will see no order in this blog. I love to try out everything but I’m an unreasonably fearful person so I just rely on my daydreams to go through life. Maybe this blog will just be full of my typical daydreams. Or maybe it will just come as a rant blog where I can air out the stupidity and disappointment that is my life. Or better yet, since this blog entails a change in me, this will be mostly about the new experiences I will have when I have finally shed out all the fears in my body. Honestly, I’m not sure yet.

Maybe we can find out together?


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